6 Month Mentorship Program

If you really want to make big shifts and feel supported in your life, why not dive in for the New World Women Mentorship Program. Work with Olivia 1:1 and  gain support in uncovering the truth of who you are and creating a wellness program that deeply serves you. Uncover how to work with your hormones, how to connect with yourself and create a cauldron of women's wellness tools to support you to evolve into your most empowered, inspired self. 

Do you want to spend 6 months of your life dedicated to your health & wellness? Be a part of a program that would change your life forever? Would you love a 6 month program that allow you to finally uncover your ACTUAL truth, works with you to find your purpose and then supports you to create a plan of action that actually works for you?​


The New World Women Mentorship Program is here to FULLY support you! Through working with sacred lineages and new time philosophies you will feel seen, heard and FINALLY develop that relationship with yourself you have been craving for soo long.. And then... guess what... we are going to work with you (all the way) to ensure you have tools to last your for a lifetime. Deep energetic, inner connected, empowered, inspired tools that leave you set for life. ​​

We are here to support you make those important shifts to truly align with your spirit.

Together we will work with the 6 P's 

- Partner

- Promise

- Purpose

- Proclaim

- Plan

- Participate


The Program starts with the journey to uncover and partner with your body. What is the truth to our health that we are here to reclaim? What do your hormones actually need and how can living cyclical give you more energy, focus and clarity? 

The Program will then move to a purpose felt deep connection with yourself, this is where women's wellness will support your journey and you will find the magic of working with your sacred centre. Once you have built on this relationship and are honouring yourself and your cycle we will then find your truth. Olivia has a unique gift to see the energetics of where people feel most joy and the blocks that are holding people back. You will work closely with Olivia to uncover the route to your purpose. 

Along your journey Grace will create a bespoke program to help you become aligned. This may include yoga, meditations, herbs, wellbeing activities, mindset and much much more. This will support you moving into stage 3. The Promise, your intention, what you wish to create. At this stage you will work with us to hone in on any skills that may need developing. Whether that is working with groups, 1:1 or creating bespoke programs. This will also create new sources of income for you and your business! 

We then, shift gears and move into the masculine and start to create a business plan, to gain clarity in how your purpose will manifest on earth. It is important to have balance. To honour the depths of your feminine and also create strategic action to manifest your dreams. Which takes us into stage 5 Conscious Communication, how we share your message with the world. Again you will receive support in any areas associated with marketing and communication. Together we will develop a plan that feels right to you and honours your message. 

Finally you will participate in taking action to realise your potential. This final stage will be about putting yourself out there and having a team around you to help you overcome anything you may face as you evolve into this new way of being. 

Are you?

  • A woman looking to understand herself more deeply?

  • Want to feel better accustomed to navigate life's obstacles

  • Want to understand more about how your body actually works

  • A deeper connection with spirit and the universe

  • To feel a deeper sense of trust

  • Feel empowered in your feminine energy?

Would you like?

  • To increase your income / work capacity 

  • Have more energy

  • Integrate women's wellness into your world

  • Find your truth and purpose

Do you?​

  • Love the yumminess of life

  • Want your world to truly honour you

  • Want to create healthy relationships with healthy boundaries

  • To create a wellness toolbox to support your everyday needs

  • Want to understand how to work with youself not against yourself


In the first two months we will work together to create stability with your body. The foundation of you wellness. Learn how your homones work and what is right for you as a woman.


In the second phase of the program you will be supported through connecting with your womb. Clearing out old energies and building a new healthy relationship with your scared space.


In the third section of the program you will be supported in your evolution. What do you need to move into the most authentic, empowered version of you, what are your new goals and insights? 

The NWW Mentorship Program is a very personalised and bespoke process. It is unlike any other Mentorship Programs available. You will receive weekly 1:1 sessions, with a mixture of connection coaching, women's wellness, life energetics, bespoke food plans, bespoke exercise plans & much more. Who knows what you may uncover on this journey to self discovery and connection...

'The route to discovering my purpose and gaining new sources of income came from developing a relationship with my root voice. Up until that point I kept shifting and changing and nothing felt truly aligned. It wasn't that I hated my work, I just knew there was something else I was destined for. One moon time I saw New World Women and I knew that was it. Since then I have worked with my cycle to develop it is today.' Olivia Hickman

There is a structure to your month's coaching as follows below: 


In the first week we will look at your lifestyle and how you have been working with your cycle in the everyday living.

Do you need to make any shifts and changes. Initially these sessions will support your learning. 


In the second week I connect with spirit to do a card reading to see where we should be heading energetically 

In the third week we have Connection Coaching to support your development with your womb & sacred space.


In the fourth week we are more focused on your evolution, what wellness tools do you need to add into your life to create more support to help you release and step into your truth? These sessions will create your wellness cauldron.