NWW Mentorship Program

Move from Perplexed to purposeful

& What you will receive

Love, Olivia x

The NWW Mentorship Program is a very personalised and bespoke process. It is unlike any other Mentorship Programs available. You will receive weekly 1:1 sessions, with a mixture of business mentoring and connection coaching. I believe it is time that we blending the work world with wellness. Especially when it comes to living your purpose. We want to support your WHOLE journey. Sometimes when we are looking to evolve our business it means expanding our consciousness and letting go of old blueprints. This is why this unique mentorship involves both business and self development work. Integrating the masculine and the feminine. 

There will be opportunity to learn new skills depending on the route you wish to take with your purpose which in turn will create new sources of income. See below for different routes you could take. You will be thoroughly supported throughout this process.

'The route to discovering my purpose and gaining new sources of income came from developing a relationship with my root voice. Up until that point I kept shifting and changing and nothing felt truly aligned. It wasn't that I hated my work, I just knew there was something else I was destined for. One moon time I saw New World Women and I knew that was it. Since then I have worked with my cycle to develop it to what it is today.'


  • Online Teaching Material

  • Connection Coaching & Energy Reading

  • Discover your route voice 

  • Business Planning

  • Conscious Communication ( Marketing)

  • Develop your Group Work

  • Learn how or develop your 1:1 sessions

  • HeartSeed Energy Healing

  • Coaching Practices

  • Wellbeing Tools

  • Gain new sources of income

The 1:1 Mentorship Program is an extremely personalised expansion program for yourself and your business. It blends women's wellness with business planning & conscious communication. You will receive WEEKLY 1:1 Sessions uniquely delivered to support your needs. The sessions will run each month as follows: 

Week 1: Month Intention Reading

Week 2: Connection Coaching

Week 3: Business Planning 

Week 4: Wellbeing & Mindset (Bespoke Monthly Wellbeing Tools to support your journey) 

This Program has been intricately designed to facilitate and support your expansion. We want to ensure your success by supporting you in all aspects to find your truth and live your purpose. Through this incredible 6 month journey you will understand how to work with your monthly cycle to reclaim your rites and be the bad ass goddess you are destined to be. 

We move through the 6 P's to create a life you will love in every cell of your being! 

Month 1 


In Month 1 we firstly allow time for you to be welcomed into the program and start to work on integrating women's wellness. This is where you create a PARTNERSHIP with yourself. Without the integral piece you can be fully aligned with your truth.


Month 3


In Month 3 we work with you to uncover the route to creating your purpose on earth, we make a PROMISE to step forward and learn, evolve or integrate what we need to deliver our deepest truth. Using your skillet and creating new sources of income, this may mean learning new skills whether that is coaching, group work or energy healing you can learn all these skills through the mentorship program.


Month 5


In Month 5 we uncover how to share your message, for you to be confident in what you are sharing and PROCLAIM your gifts to the world. Looking at conscious communication and the route that would best work for your business we create a marketing strategy that serves you and the whole. 


Month 2


In Month 2 we support you in being comfortable working with your cycle and understanding what you need within your life to fully support you being wholly happy. We also start to uncover your truth & PURPOSE


Month 4


In Month 4 we start to create your business plan. Now we know which direction would best serve your spirit we look at how we can strategically create this on earth. We create a PLAN. 


Month 6


In Month 6 it is your time to fly. We are here for any stumbling blocks and any support you may need. But this is the month when it all comes together and for you to PARTICIPATE in your dreams!


Join the Mentorship Program and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and be supported in journeying with your truth. This is a deep journey for women looking to connect with their inner wisdom and start living their truth on earth. We want to create a tribe of New Earth Women's Wellness Leaders, women who inspire others with their dedication to self and passion for purpose. Join us now and feel empowered in your divine feminine greatness. We welcome you to our tribe with open arms and a huge cheesy grin! 


- You are ready to live your purpose

- You understand the importance of women's wellness & living through wellness

- You want a business that makes every cell of your body come to life

- You are ready to make big changes

- You want the absolute best for yourself & the whole

- You believe in the power of magic combined with taking action! 

Because this is such a personalise journey it is important to book a call with Olivia / Grace to have an informal chat and see if we are a good fit... If you are interested in working with us the please book your call and we look forward to chatting with you! :-) 


Working 1:1

Would you like support in discovering your own bespoke 1:1 Programs for women? Or developing your own way of connection coaching? 

How it Works

If you really want to make big shift in your business and in your life, why not dive in for the

New World Women Mentorship Program. Work with us 1:1 and  gain support in uncovering your purpose, creating a business that honours you and serves the whole.

Nww Mentorship Program Price: £3,888
(6 Month Bespoke 1:1 - with weekly 1:1 Sessions ) 
6 Monthly Instalments
12 Monthly Instalments