Reclaim is a short online course to help you discover more about your body & women's wellness. The idea is when working through this mini course you can reclaim your health and understand how to work with yourself to live a healthy & strong life. Say goodbye to period pains, fatigue and feeling a bit low by understanding more about your body you can take back your health and feel 10 years younger!

The Cycle

Discover how your cycle works through this online course. Which phase happens at what point in your cycle and how this affects you.

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Your Diet

Look at how diet affects your cycle and discover ways to eat to improve any PMS symptoms and why this is important. 

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Be Your Own Best Friend

One of the secrets to women's wellness is learning how to be your own best friend. Being kind to yourself is super important.

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The Hormones

Learn more about your hormones and what ways can how using women's wellness can improve your well-being. 

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Learn how to move your body in ways that support your body as a woman. Each part of our cycle calls for us to respond in different ways. 

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Relaxation is an important part to getting our hormones to balance and learning how to nourish ourselves can support us far more than we think!

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