Women Need Wellness

Updated: Jun 25

Let's take a minute to understand the gravitas and the absolute importance of Women’s Wellness.

There really is NOTHING more important than our wellness; which is why I’ve made it my life mission to support women to gain a deeper understanding of their health and the connection that is available to themselves through cyclical living.

Wellness can creep up on us in all we do. It can’t be ignored… Let's take a look at some life scenarios...

A woman has 3 children; her main and honourable job is to look after those children that she bravely brought into the world. She is so focused on the children that she forgets to look after herself. One evening after dedicating herself all day she snaps at the youngest child, tears well up in her eyes she can’t believe she let herself go there. But how could she not go there a) she is only human b) she hasn’t given anytime for herself, she is running on an empty tank, depleted, nothing left to give.

Another woman runs a successful business she is a female entrepreneur and a badass in the online world. She has staff to help and support her so she isn’t doing it all herself. But she doesn’t look after her wellbeing. Her mind is always focused on work, she loves what she does and believes she thrives and works best on stress. Until one day it creeps up on her she feels breathless, out of control and doesn’t know what is happening to her, she tries to control more things to make things better and this is all she knows… but things just get worse.

A young woman is just leaving university / college and doesn’t know which route to take. Everyone is telling her which path is the right path to be successful in life. What should she do? She is stressed, not eating properly and not sleeping because doing what everyone else is supposed to just doesn’t sit right. What should she do? How can she gain the answers to the questions she needs? If only she knew a way to receive the answers she needs?

The fourth woman is entering menopause and just wants it all to go away, she is having feelings she’s never felt before, she is disrupted daily by unwanted symptoms she never realised she would get and some of her relationships are being affected. She feels alone, slightly scared and frustrated at having to go through this.

All of these challenges these women face can be cared for with women’s wellness.

Women's wellness doesn't just help us reclaim our health and solve body problems, it makes us feel connected to help us answer important life questions. We can become our own best friend so we know how to work with ourselves and no longer feel disempowered and alone.

We as women have this incredible, powerful gift of connection.

Every woman deserves access to this wisdom.

Every woman has all the answers she needs within the cells of her being.

Every woman should & can reclaim their health.

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