Transition Days...

I think this is the hardest part of the cycle for me... What's your favourite / least favourite parts / phases?

Mine is one day... The Transition... From Ovulation to... The Inner Critic (Or as I like to call it... Inner Earth) The Luteal Phase

Just coming out of ovulation, from feeling on a high, my fun self back, what feels like my abundant goddess ready to take on the world. She has no issues, no problems, takes everything in her stride…. THEN… moving into the inner critic/ Inner Earth (which once I've transitioned I LOVE.. but there is that one transition day... the drop)… where I feel raw, tender, can sometimes feel a bit broken and a bit out of balance all of sudden, where I question myself and my emotions.

BUT this IS part of the cycle. Our hormones shift and so does what is being called of us energetically. Each Phase of the cycle is beautifully orchestrated to support us and our evolution as women. The Inner critic is to show us aspects of ourselves that we may not want to look at, maybe areas where we haven't completely honoured ourselves whilst 'out there' in the world. Each phase has a transition point, and when you start to work with your cycle more and more you can literally start to pinpoint the day when the shift happens. When we move from Ovulation to Luteal we are moving from our inner Sky to our inner Earth.

I have a beautiful meditation that I like to do at this time, which calls her to me, my inner Earth Goddess, for her to be witnessed, to be heard, to see which aspects of myself I have been honouring this month. To know what I need to feel and receive, I call her up from the earth and she comes to me, I see her, I feel her pain, I know her. I face her.

Then there is lots of love, love towards her, love towards myself. Keeping a check on the mental narrative, keeping a check on my needs. This part of the cycle is our opportunity to re-learn our boundaries and practice NO!

No thank you, I don’t want to meet up today No thank you, I don’t want to do that this week… but you loved it a few weeks ago?... But I don’t want to right now and that is OK. No thank you, I just need some time to myself.

Keeping a compassionate awareness on yourself and your needs at this time are vital.

Did you know you are more likely to break up with your partner at this time of the month because you are more likely to project your inner frustrations at them?

If you are not honouring your needs this can cause frustration, out-rage, anger. Debilitating self talk. What we need is self love rituals, more time for yourself, a compassionate partner / family/ friends, being in nature more and slowing down are all impertinent tools for this phase in our cycle.

So imagine if we aren't aware of what is going on? How can this reflect in your world? In your business? When we work for ourselves it is important we understand these things so we know when to plan to do certain things and to not beat ourselves up when we are being exactly who we were a few weeks ago. Women work in cycles and we can massively use this to our advantage if we can understand it.

If you would like a FREE copy of my Inner Earth Mediation then comment below or get in touch. Would love to share this powerful tool with you.

Photograph, "The Earth Goddess (From Ontario)," by Ayala Reznik. Available to Purchase

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