Perplexed to Purposeful

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Move from perplexed, confused & drained
To Purposeful, aligned & heart-shinning!
When we are out of alignment and not connected to our purpose we can feel:
  • Agitated and annoyed often with spikes of jealousy of others living their dreams

  • We can feel tired a lot of the time as we are doing things we don't really want to

  • This can lead to burn out and adrenal fatigue

  • Life can feel hard and limiting we do not see all the possibilities ahead of us

  • We can be over emotional and lash out at those around us

  • Can have the sensation that we cannot breathe, we feel trapped

There are many reasons that we may have gotten off track: 
  • Feeling of responsibility towards others 

  • Not having strong boundaries

  • Feeling unworthy 

  • Lack of self esteem 

  • Not feeling valued and seen 

What does it feel like to be purposeful?
  • We are full of life and passion

  • We are fluid and flow with ease

  • We only take on what we feel we want to and are passionate about changing

  • We are grounded and strong and have created structures to live our dreams on earth

  • We know where we are going and what we are heading for

  • We wake up everyday ready to live

  • We truly feel the magic of life

  • We are able to take rest and enjoy it

  • We can say no to that which is not our purpose

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
What you will receive as part of the course: 
  • Weekly Teachings - themed for the week

  • Weekly Shares - coming together and see how we are getting on - your support group

  • Self love welcome pack

  • Weekly guided meditation to help integrate the teaching

  • Weekly energy check ins

  • 4 elemental yoga classes to help support and integrate your purpose

  • Lunar cycle teachings & creating your personalised timetable to give you the best routine for your body

  • Dance & Movement

  • Wellbeing Wisdom for Women

  • Diet plan to work with your cycle

What you will receive from doing the course:
  • Self Love welcome pack (personalised)

  • Personalised timetable

  • Ongoing support

  • Insights into your true purpose

  • Wellbeing Toolbox so you feel confident to move forward and continue this journey to your heartshine 

Want to find out more and join to become purposeful?

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