Connect is the second online course you receive as part of your chosen coaching program. Connect supports women in working with their sacred centres to find their truth and live their purpose. This course combines sacred lineages and new time philosophies to create women's wellness that truly serves each individual woman. We are focused on you uncovering the truth  yourself. 

This course is for you if: 

- You want to understand the MAGIC of women's wellness.

- You have been doing women's wellness for some time but want to truly understand how to work with yourself to uncover your truth & purpose. 

- You are entering the menopause and want to gain a deeper understanding of the journey you have been on and the journey you are about to take. 

- You are new to the world of women's wellness and looking for a place to start.

- You want to understand more about your own energy and the energies of the world. 

Week 1 

Week 1 & Introduction welcomes you to the  course with a beautiful ceremony and women's wellness activities to support you in connecting with your womb. 

We dive in and focus on ritual, ceremony & self love. To integrate working with spirit and discovering how we can truly honour ourselves and support ourselves at every stage. Self Love is a must have tool for women's wellness.


Week 3

Week 3 looks at the whole journey through womanhood, what would really fulfil us energetically as women and why working with our cycle is so important even post bleed.

We also look into the anatomy of the womb from an energetic perspective.  Discover the different energetic spaces that held within the womb and gain practices to see whether they are in or out of balance. 


Week 5

Week 5 we look to the future and are inspired by the New Time Philosophies and gain insight in to where the world is moving to and the power in working with our elements. We will also look at our two sacred centres as women.  Taking time to journey with the heart. 

We also have a our closing ceremony and conlude our jounrey. 


Bonus 2

What does wellbeing mean? A presentation into the different aspects of our being and working on all levels to create a balanced body.


Week 2

Week 2 starts to uncover our rhythms and cycles as women. Delving into how to work with your cycle, looking at what our bodies need in each stage. We also integrate magic for the menaupause so whatever stage of womanhood you are at you are welcome to find your truth and live your purpose. 


Week 4

Week 4 delves into energetic lineages & ancestry to resolve unseen energies within your womb space and bring us into balance. Uncover what serves you and what you want to let go of to reclaim your feminine power.  Understand how to work with energies to best serve yourself.


Bonus 1 

Working with the bigger energies at play and what that can mean for our cycle such as:

The Moon

Spiritual Calendars



Bonus 3

Working with Trauma, understanding more about trauma, what it is and how to work with ourselves to move forward kindly. 


Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and be supported in journeying with your truth. This is a deep journey for women looking to connect with their inner wisdom and start living their truth on earth. We want to create a tribe of New Earth Women's Wellness Leaders, women who inspire others with their dedication to self and passion for purpose. Join us now and feel empowered in your divine feminine greatness. We welcome you to our tribe with open arms and a huge cheesy grin! 

What is included in your coaching journey? 

- Bi-weekly Connection Coaching

- Recorded Meditations to support your journey

- Women's Wellness Workbook

- Create a wellbeing toolbox for women's wellness

- Recorded Yoga Classes for women's wellness

- Bonus goodies!