Grace Leeming

Course Creatress

Grace Leeming is a Course Creatress of New World Women - NEW COURSES COMING SOON!

Wanderer : Yogi : Healer : Herbal Witchery : Lover of the Ocean : Nature 


Grace is a free spirited Aussie girl who has moved from place to place, traveling extensively throughout Europe, Asia and USA and finding herself living in places such as New York City, Nashville, Montana and Grand Cayman Island.


These travels have taught her numerous things about herself; independence, strength, resilience, adaptability and how to cope with different lifestyles. 


'A soul with a wandering heart, I love being on the move, meeting new people, indulging in new cultures and leaving my mark wherever I go. It hasn’t always been easy though. It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions and a journey of self discovery, learning to acknowledge the ups and downs, to surrender, let go, and accept my whole self. 

Yoga and Meditation have been my constant throughout my journey, lifting my spirit in the darkest moments, and grounding me in the joyous of times.'


Grace's dream now is to share her experiences with women in hopes of empowering and motivating them to find their joy, purpose and passion.

Grace believes in a holistic approach to wellness where we look at the person as a whole encompassing the mind, body and spirit. Grace has studied in yoga psychology, arts therapy and has abilities as a healer through Ashati & Reiki energies as well as herbal witchery.


Grace hopes to inspire you to re-discover yourself, help you to ride the ebbs and flows in life, support you by letting you know it is ok, to not be ok and that you are not alone. Lastly I want to show you how to love your whole self, so that you can shine bright like you deserve! 


Marie Newton

Yogi Goddess

 Yogi : Dog Lover : Strength Builder : Community : Connection 

I decided to take up yoga as I thought it would help me manage the stresses of being a Secondary School teacher and head of year.

I started my yoga journey with a 30-day yoga challenge on Youtube and then joined Instagram, where I took part in lots of yoga challenges and documented my progress!

After a while, I became drawn towards the more philosophical aspects of Yoga and I developed a real passion for my practice and the community that Yoga creates. I decided to train to teach in 2017 so I could share my passion with others and develop a Yoga community myself. 

I taught yoga alongside my school teaching job, until it all became a little too much and I decided to venture into the world of teaching yoga full time! So now I teach at a range of beautiful studios around Northamptonshire, hold 1-1 sessions and work with CrossFit athletes at a local gym, alongside occasional  workshops and events.

I balance my teaching and personal yoga and meditation practice with CrossFit, reading all things well being and long walks and lots of cuddles with my gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog. 

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Camilla Cobb

Therapeutic Queen

Animal Lover : Intuitive Goddess : Drumming : Nature : Open Heart 
Camilla has been a holistic practitioner since 2002. Her disciplines, include Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish remedial massage, Indian Head Massage and Reiki. She also works with crystaline energy, meditation and has a deep afinity with nature, healing plants and animals. Camilla is a qualified Equine Assisted Coach and has used this to lead a project helping vulnerable young people from local schools for over a decade. Horses are a huge passion of hers from childhood and her family and children have all enjoyed caring for and learning with their own horses and ponies.

Most of her work involves helping people to manage stress physically, mentally and emotionally. Through her work in service to others and through self development she has a deep understanding of mental health and wellbeing and how to help others develop their tool kit for a balanced, healthy life. She has over the course of her career developed her intuition to tune into peoples individual needs and so all her treatments are tailored for this and can involve a cross secion of her professional disciplines.

Camilla has worked delivering wellbeing workshops for Northamptoshire County Council, has set up multiple projects with young people through NACRE -the rural Community Council and worked for a charity helping school children connect with animals, nature and wellbeing for 12 years. She has over twenty years experience in the healing arts altogether and will continue to work and develop in this field for life.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


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