NWW Mentorship Program

Move from Bewildered to believing

A 3 month transformational journey to support you in finding your Truth & integrating a way to living a life fully aligned with yourself. No longer having to question every little thing. Believe in   yourself and the universe to make the right choices to create a life you deserve!

This 3 Month Mentorship Program is for those looking to start and deepen the connection with self to uncover the right path for them!

This is perfect for you if:

- You are a younger goddesses looking to start your journey into womanhood and decide which path to take. 

- You haven't done a lot of women's wellness or connection work before so would like extra support

- You want to find your purpose but are not sure where to start

- You want to double check you are on the right path and take some time to 'check in' 


It is so important that we connect with our truth as this saves us so much time and energy whether that is starting out in life deciphering how to discern which choices are best for you or starting a new business venture. Knowing and understanding how to tell what is right for you is vital. The Foundations in New Earth Women's Wellness is a course to create these important foundations in your life. Without these it can be extremely hard to find your truth. Without your truth you will never truly understand your purpose. 


For the first two month you will be beautifully guided through the Foundations in New Earth Women's Wellness. This work is vital in finding your truth. You will receive bi-weekly connection coaching to deeply support you uncovering the power you hold within. 

The third month is to support the integration of the Foundation and also if a seed of creation has come to for front we can support in creating a plan to take the next steps in turning your 'heartseed' into reality. 

Month 1 


In Month 1 you move through the Foundations in New Earth Women's Wellness. You will receive bi-weekly connection coaching to support your journey to start to understand your cycle and find your sacred voice. 


Month 2


In Month 2 we support you in being comfortable working with your cycle and understanding what energies have been at play that are holding you back from moving forward. We look at the bigger picture and how you can work with yourself to support and abundant life.


Month 3


In Month 3 we work with you to integrate the teachings of the foundations and develop finding your truth and purpose. Uncovering how to use the tools you have learnt to make the right choices for you. 


Join 'Begin' and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and be supported in journeying with your truth. This is a deep journey for women looking to connect with their inner wisdom and start living on their terms. We want to create a tribe of New Earth Women's Wellness Leaders, women who inspire others with their dedication to self and passion for purpose. Join us now and feel empowered in your divine feminine greatness. We welcome you to our tribe with open arms and a huge cheesy grin! 


- You are ready to live your purpose

- You understand the importance of women's wellness & living through wellness

- You want a business that makes every cell of your body come to life

- You are ready to make big changes

- You want the absolute best for yourself & the whole

- You believe in the power of magic combined with taking action! 


Because this is such a personalise journey it is important to book a call with Olivia / Grace to have an informal chat and see if we are a good fit... If you are interested in working with us the please book your call and we look forward to chatting with you! :-) 

Nww Mentorship Program Price: £888
(3 Month Bespoke 1:1 - with Bi-weekly 1:1 Sessions ) 
DePOSIT £111
3 Monthly InstalmenTS
6 Monthly Instalments