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New World Women offer 4 Workshops for you to choose to be held at your studio, event or could be added to corporate wellbeing days to add that bit of noruish and nurture and gain a better understanding of wellbeing. 

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


If you feel like you need deep rest and want a practice that will leave you feeling fully nourished and nurtured then ‘Held’ is for you. Expect a gentle and deep practice that will put your body into a state of ‘rest & digest’, where you can receive the healing and most nourishing aspects of yoga.


The practice will be supported with hands on touch and massage. The physical practice will be followed by Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep) A systematic meditation to take the brain into hypnagogic state”—the threshold between alpha and theta wave where deep healing can take place. We will then finish with a Sound Healing to complete this exquisite session.


Explore your inner calm, feel depth of relaxation like you have never experienced before. This workshop is great if you need to take some time for you You want to feel the benefits of deep rest. You are looking for the healing aspects of yoga You want to feel yummyness. 

Free Spirit

Free Spirit combines meditation, free movement and sound healing to free your body and awaken your spirit. 

Go on a journey to delve into your spirit, and discover movement that feels good for you. Start your journey with meditation, followed by moving what you feel and end your journey receiving a beautiful sound session. This practice opens your heart, free's your body and connects you with your spirit. Feel alive, Feel inspired, Free your Spirit! 


Held is similar to rest but with a deeper journey into the energetics of being supported. Each mat is set up surrounded with flower petals and crystals to reflect the energy of a mandala placed under and above each mat.


Working with the feminine energies this practice will draw in the feeling of support, rest and nourishment. Again delving into the more yummy side of yoga but this time working with the goddesses of the Rose Sisterhood to truly feel the warmth of feminine glow. 

Explore your inner goddess and feminine and truly feel spoilt in this workshop to bring out your divine. 

This workshop is for you if you want to feel nourished and supported. You feel depleted and want to restore. You feel under valued and not seen. You would like to work with the feminine energy & feel like a goddess!

Women Feeling Well

Did you know biologically women need different things to men to feel good? That our world is built with men in mind. That working with our cycle can truly change how we feel? 

Learn why it is important for women to work with their cycles and how we can do this in our everyday lives. Discover some of the ancient wisdom we have forgotten about and what elements we need to truly thrive. 

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