Supporting Women in Yoga

Yoni Shakit : The Movement

At New World Women we support Una Dinsmore and Yoni:Shakti The Movement and want to share with you these incredible protocols to help protect & keep women safe and supported in their yoga practise and within class.


Uma and the team are trying to:

'Eradicate abuse of women in yoga: reclaim yoga as a tool for planetary healing and justice.​' 

Through the campaign, the team aim to empower, educate, and share the "Empowerment Kit" which includes:
1. Updated Preface
2. Womb Yoga Manifesto
3. The Thirteen Warning Signals of Abuse
4. The Nine Calls to Action
5. Compilation of Evidence
6. List of Corrections

Please find the documents below... if you wish to have them on your website please go back to the Yoni Shakti Webpage (

and download from the original source so you can add you name to list of places that are sharing this resource. 

Ask your local studios to place these documents on their website, chat to your students and teachers and bring awareness to the importance of awareness in yoga. Let us bring the sacred back to our practice, and make yoga a safe space for all. 

The Empowerment Kit

Go to the Yoni Shakti Website to find out more

Contact us

Get in touch if you would like some more information about the project or would love to become a collaborator


Phone: 07751993313

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