Olivia Hickman

Olivia Hickman is the founder of New World Women

New Time Feminist : Yogi : Visionary : Aura Mediator: Lover of Movement : Nature : Music & All things sacred...


Olivia has spent over 10 years in the yoga and holistic field, she is a qualified yoga teacher, aura mediator, coach, priestess apprentice and has delved into many areas of life such as astrology, moon cycles, sacred sound, crystals, natural healing and balanced living.

Olivia started New World Women because she believes every woman has the right to a balanced and beautiful life & business. She noticed how women were not only not living their purpose but wondered how could they when a lot of women were suffering due to PMS or difficulties with their cycle.

Noticing how even in the holistic world the patriarchal need to be busy was impacting this disconnect she set about creating a journey for women to reclaim their health and improve their wealth & business.

'I remember going to a workshop and listening to other yoga teachers talking about how little time they had for themselves and how tired they felt from teaching physically draining classes. At the time I thought I was doing something wrong because I didn't feel any of these things... now I realise I had just discovered a new and better way of working.  

As a yoga teacher we have so much beauty to share, don't be burnt out and busy, be in your purpose. I would love to connect with you to help you discover your journey, your unique essence and the wonderful business you could create through women's wellness.' 

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Now for the Deeper Bit...

'Throughout life I have always loved the joy it can bring. I have searched for ways to live a feel good life. I went through the stages, exploring my body through dance and movement, getting to grasps with my mental health, looking at my emotions and understanding how to work with my energy. This has created my passion for balanced wellbeing. Looking at all aspects of our wellbeing to create a fully balanced being. 

It wasn't until I received the news that I had quite severe HPV borderline cancer cells that the women's work really began. Up until that point I had not focused on women being or needing different things to men. BUT what I have learnt and uncovered has shown me that my needs are different and that is okay. I embarked on an incredible journey with my womb and I never looked back. I found an incredible lineage of teachings that I had never experienced before and I felt it was essential that all women had the opportunity to discover this guidance. I feel strongly that as yoga teachers we can help share this knowledge widely with women everywhere! 

In 2015 I had an Aura Transformation which brought me to find the New Time Teachings of Anni Sennov. I am now an Aura Mediator and love this incredibly sophisticated and intelligent modality. I felt a real calling to integrate the incredible old time lineages and new time philosophies to create New Earth Women's Wellness. In the program you will learn how to hold sacred circle with the beauties of ancient traditions and new world ways. 

My hope is that in years to come women's circles, classes and groups will be a normal support system for women of all ages starting from four years up. A way to connect and support each other throughout our whole lives. I invite you to become a new earth women's wellness leader and create a New World Women Tribe with me!' 


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