Aura Transformation

My Journey with AT

As mentioned in About Me I had an Aura Transformation in 2015. This modality really changed the trajectory of my life and I will forever be grateful. 


I trained as an Aura Mediator in 2020 and am delighted to offer Aura Transformation as my 1:1 work. This can be included within a wellness package to bring you to a place of living purposefully.  

'AuraTransformation™ is an energy treatment method that powerfully activates the influx of the New Time energy and provides a permanent and radical expansion of your personal consciousness creating synergy between your charisma, drive, intuition and physical actions.' - Anni Sennov AT Website. 

This is a one off treatment that activates the New Time Energy and structure in our bodies allowing us to have access to our highest truth. 

I never really felt like I fitted in anywhere. I was too 'townie' for the 'hippies' and too 'hippy' for the 'townies'. I just couldn't get with either program. Until one day a childhood friend came back into town and he had an Aura Transformation, when he explained it to me I knew instantly it was for me and the more I looked into it the more it made sense. From my perspective it was all about living here on earth today, living in our truth and really owning who we are. Being grounded and ready to take action but from a really heart loving place. It wasn't about following any type of spiritual rules necessarily just feeling into and following what was in your heart and your truth. There was no dress code or judgement, it just felt easy and right and I felt incredible. 

The day after the Aura Transformation I just kept looking at my arms, I felt so different, as a yoga teacher I had been taught that meditation is a tool to reach our higher selves, it is a long process. BUT, Aura Transformation is all about bringing spirit to earth, into our bodies. So it all just felt as if everything was falling in to place. No longer needing to meditate for hours but just simply checking in with myself to see how I felt. It was so empowering and simple. 

Over the years to come I slowly integrated or what is called 'crystallised' and now I am living out my purpose here on earth. I honestly do not believe I would be where I am today without my Aura Transformation and am honoured to be able to offer this intelligent modality to others. 

If you do not feel ready for the full Aura Transformation you can contact me about having an energy reading to see where you are at and I also offer packages to support your journey pre and post AT.