Olivia's Journey


Meet Olivia

New Time Feminist : Yogi : Visionary : Aura Mediator

Lover of Movement : Nature : Music & All things sacred...


Halloumi! (One of my favourite jokes and a new found silly way to say hello!)

I'm so glad to find you here, I know you are in the right place and I cannot wait to share the journey of women's wellness with you! 

I have spent over 10 years in the yoga and holistic field. I am a qualified yoga teacher, aura mediator, coach, Priestess apprentice and have delved into many areas of life such as astrology, moon cycles, sacred sound, crystals, natural healing and balanced living.

I believe every woman has the right to a balanced and beautiful business. We can achieve this through joy, calm, passion and patience. The joy we can find in teaching women's wellness is so magical it can completely bring you a new lease of life and at the same time unleash your inner feminine power. We can have sustainable businesses, that bring us joy and create a good income. 

I remember going to a workshop and listening to other yoga teachers talking about how little time they had for themselves and how tired they felt from teaching physically draining classes. At the time I thought I was doing something wrong because I didn't feel any of these things... now I realise I had just discovered a new and better way of working.  

As a yoga teacher we have so much beauty to share, don't be burnt out and busy, be in your purpose. I would love to connect with you to help you discover your journey, your unique essence and the wonderful business you could create through women's wellness. 

Now for the deeper bit...

Throughout life I have always loved the joy it can bring. I have searched for ways to live a feel good life. I went through the stages, exploring my body through dance and movement, getting to grasps with my mental health, looking at my emotions and understanding how to work with my energy. This has created my passion for balanced wellbeing. Looking at all aspects of our wellbeing to create a fully balanced being. 

It wasn't until I received the news that I had quite severe HPV borderline cancer cells that the women's work really began. Up until that point I had not focused on women being or needing different things to men. BUT what I have learnt and uncovered has shown me that my needs are different and that is okay. I embarked on an incredible journey with my womb and I never looked back. I found an incredible lineage of teachings that I had never experienced before and I felt it was essential that all women had the opportunity to discover this guidance. I feel strongly that as yoga teachers we can help share this knowledge widely with women everywhere! 

In 2015 I had an Aura Transformation which brought me to find the New Time Teachings of Anni Sennov. I am now an Aura Mediator and love this incredibly sophisticated and intelligent modality. I felt a real calling to integrate the incredible old time lineages and new time philosophies to create New Earth Women's Wellness. In the program you will learn how to hold sacred circle with the beauties of ancient traditions and new world ways. 

My hope is that in years to come women's circles, classes and groups will be a normal support system for women of all ages starting from four years up. A way to connect and support each other throughout our whole lives. I invite you to become a new earth women's wellness leader and create a New World Women Tribe with me! 

Grace's Journey

Meet Grace

Wanderer : Yogi : Healer : Herbal Witchery :

Lover of the Ocean : Nature : Animals & All things outdoors…


I am a free spirited Aussie girl who has moved from place to place, traveling extensively throughout Europe, Asia and USA and finding myself living in places such as New York City, Nashville, Montana and Grand Cayman Island.

These travels have taught me numerous things about myself; independence, strength, resilience, adaptability and how to cope with different lifestyles. 


A soul with a wandering heart, I love being on the move, meeting new people, indulging in new cultures and leaving my mark wherever I go. It hasn’t always been easy though. It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions and a journey of self discovery, learning to acknowledge the ups and downs, to surrender, let go, and accept my whole self. 

Yoga and Meditation have been my constant throughout my journey, lifting my spirit in the darkest moments, and grounding me in the joyous of times.


My dream now is to share my experiences with you in hopes of empowering and motivating you to find your joy, purpose and passion, as I struggled with this for so long, and I would love to save you the trouble of having to go through it too. 


I believe in a holistic approach to wellness where we look at you as a whole encompassing the mind, body and spirit. My studies in yoga psychology, arts therapy and my abilities as a healer through Ashati & Reiki energies as well as my herbal witchery help to create a well rounded plan of action for you to implement in your day to day life.


I hope to inspire you to re-discover yourself, help you to ride the ebbs and flows in life, support you by letting you know it is ok, to not be ok and that you are not alone. Lastly I want to show you how to love your whole self, so that you can shine bright like you deserve! 

Now for the deeper bit...

It’s sad to say and I feel a little embarrassed by it but my journey into women’s wellness has only really just begun in my early 30’s. I think back to when I was younger and from the moment my first moon cycle begun, I thought it was a burden and all I wanted to do was suppress it. So that’s what I did. Over the next 20 years I was on the pill or had an IUD implant because I felt it was more convenient to have that than allow my body a natural cycle as we were born to have. 


I was naive about the workings of my body. However, after a few scares, a huge cyst the size of a grapefruit on my right ovary, which if twisted and erupted would have killed my ovary and lessened my chances of being able to birth a child, was surgically removed and became an eye opener to start paying attention to my body. I am now connecting more within myself and realising the importance of how it works, especially the connection with my womb, which I am still learning and will constantly continue to learn all about. 


Ultimately this suppression over the years has also had an affect on other natural cycles within my body, mind and spirit and I am just so grateful to now be awoken to the power I hold within me. I want to use my experiences to help others discover earlier, rather than later how important our body, womb, mind and spirit are so that we can shift in to these new time energies and create a community of empowered purposeful women.


There is nothing like women encouraging other women, its power is indescribable and I can’t wait to share that with you!