Sacred     Connected     Aligned

Combining Old Lineages & New Time Philosophies

To create Wisdom & Wellbeing for Women

New World Woman is a community created to inspire women and the younger generation.

Through events, classes, workshops and online courses NWW is on a mission to create a world where all women have awakened their feminine power and are connected with their hearts truth. To live an inspired life, connected, self-sourced and purposeful.

New World Women believes in the philosophy of giving back. We have many ways you can donate and support us. All funds go towards two funding pots. 

1)  Creating FREE places within our Rites of Passage & Wellbeing Groups for teenage girls.

2)  Funding art projects for social change. 

If you want to give a donation you can or you can give back and be good to yourself at the same time! We sell Tropic Skincare with a percentage of profits going towards these two funding pots and we regularly hold workshops with the intention of giving back. To find out more visit our Giving Back page.


If you would like to join our online community of women to follow our journey, connect with other beautiful women, keep up to date with our events & the New World Women journey. 

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create contribute to creating heaven on earth, where we are respect ourselves and respect mother nature. As women we are a reflection of the cycles and rhythms nature shows us. When we tap into this wild nature outside and inside of ourselves magic can take place. We are looking to create work that allows women to become heart sourced, balanced and have a deep understanding of how to live in line with nature. 


We believe we can achieve this by living a purposeful life.


For women this means starting a deep conversation with our bodies. They are always speaking to us, waiting to be heard. We can find our purpose by connecting with our root voice and discovering the calling of our heartseed .

We believe our purpose here on earth is placed like a seed in our hearts for us to nurture and grow. We can find our journey to this heartseed by following the voice that lays within the roots of our bodies. Nature connects us to the truth of who we are and by living in sync with the earth the voices become clearer. The wildnerness within us, takes life, and we are propelled to live our purpose.

For the younger generation we look to create programs developed with the new paradigm at its core. So many children are struggling to understand why the old way is not working for them. We want all children to access this information. So they can understand how to work with themselves to access their life's dharma and purpose to truly live their own heaven on earth. 


Our Vision

Our vision is for women to

become heart sourced leaders.

To create a new generation who understand the greatness they hold. 

Who move through life with grace and ease.

They can create their own heaven on earth.

They understand themselves

body, mind, heart and spirit

and can communicate and work

with themselves on all levels.

They are at peace, they breathe and

they lead with love. 

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Contact us

Get in touch if you would like some more information about the project or would love to become a collaborator

Email: oliviahickman222@gmail.com

Phone: 07751993313

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