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New World Women

advanced training &

mentorship program

300 Hours Teacher Training for Female Yoga Teachers


I'm Olivia, Women's Wellness Leadership Mentor to female yoga teachers, supporting women to pivot their business and increase their revenue by becoming certified in wellness. 

Beauty! I'm so glad you are here today! 

Firstly, the work that you do for people is amazing! Yoga is amazing. You are AMAZING!

As a yoga teacher you do an incredible job to truly serve people and hold space for them to feel blissful. I loved doing this for people, however I started to find that my body couldn't keep up. Teaching lots of classes every week to generate my income was taking it's toll. I needed a change. So I decided to look at what I needed as well as how to benefit others and guess what? Beauty unfolded. 

I created an incredible business that far exceeded my previous income AND supported my wellbeing too! I couldn't believe it! I could teach all the yumminess of yoga, deliver beautiful bespoke one to one sessions and encourage a new generation of women to connect with their inner Goddess. During my classes I would often receive feedback from clients that they had not experienced yoga like this before and they could not believe how relaxed they felt. This is when I decided to share this revolution with others. 

Running this business made me feel so calm, connected, and I found that I had time and energy for myself AND I was LOVING IT! I remember going to a workshop and listening to all the other yoga teachers talking about how little time they had for themselves and how tired they felt from teaching physically draining classes. At the time I thought I was doing something wrong because I didn't feel any of these things... now I realise I had just discovered a new and better way of working. 


If you want to create your own beautiful wellness business that truly works for everyone involved then apply now!






Sixth Months
Applications Open NOW

start date

MARCH 2021

New World Women is an Advanced Teacher Training & Mentorship Program for female yoga teachers. This 6 month program is designed to support yoga teachers tailor their business and increase revenue by learning about sacred lineages of the feminine energy and discovering new ways of delivering women's wellness. 

I have been working in the holistic and yoga field for over a decade and have developed my own way of delivering women's wellness. I noticed that I began to become tired of leading 20 classes a week, even though I loved yoga it was hard on my body and I couldn't seem to increase my income. 


Therefore I customised my business to create a wellbeing tone and to teach the methods that had aided my self-healing. Without realising I had created a thriving business with more income and less burnout. 

Money can be seen as a dirty word in the yoga world, but by delving into my rites as a woman I understood that it's OK to be abundant AND to receive abundance through sharing your unique essence; this is what the universe is calling us to do. 

I noticed that my style of class was unique, I was being called to share the way I coached women and I felt inspired to create this program and invite others to learn this unprecedented approach and advance female yoga teachers to be become Certified in New Earth Women's Wellness.

Are you?

  • A female yoga teacher

Would you like?

  • To increase your income

  • Have more energy

  • To know more about women's wellness

  • Support other women to find their truth

Do you?​

  • Love the yumminess of yoga

  • Want a business that truly serves women

Then keep reading... Or... If you have already heard enough and would

like to apply right now you just need to click the apply button above, fill

out the form and we will jump on a call together. 


The Course is broken down into13 Modules:

  1. Foundation in New Earth Women's Wellness

  2. Integration into Class

  3. FemiYin - Slow Flow Yoga

  4. Rites of Passage

  5. Connection Classes for Girls 

  6. Women's Circles

  7. HeartSeed Energy Healing  

  8. Coaching one to one

  9. Case Study

  10. Exam

  11. Business Planning

  12. How to: Online

  13. Start up Support 

Modules to swap / add in

  • Prenatal  & Postnatal Yoga

  • Fertility Yoga

  • Yoga Rhythm

  • Padme Hum - Vibro Acoustic Healing 

Integrating women's Wellness

IN Class

Learn how to integrate women's wellness beautifully into your yoga classes and be the go to in your area for the yumminess of yoga. Confidently lead a slow flow. 

Create Sacred & Bespoke One to one Sessions

For Women

Create sacred & bespoke one to one sessions for women and demonstrate how to achieve true relaxation and restfulness.

Circles& Self Empowerment


Learn how to lead women's circles,

rites of passage groups and connection classes for young women.




Learn how to coach women one to one and add a new dimension to your business. 

Create beautifully spiritual one to one sessions and signature packages using your unique voice as a yoga teacher. 

How it Works

& What you will receive

The Training is delivered online. All modules can be found through an individual online teaching platform. I will have an initial consultation with you to discuss how best to move through the material for your needs. You will receive weekly classes & group calls where different topics will be discussed and questions can be asked. You will progress through the course with a group of women to support your journey to becoming certified. 

Towards the end of your journey, I will work with you to create a bespoke business plan and support your integration of women's wellness to ensure your future success. 

  • Online Teaching Material

  • Weekly Group Support

  • Business Planning

  • New Teaching Skills

  • Consultation & Mentoring with Olivia

  • Class Plans 

  • Class Material Check List

  • Coaching Practices

  • Wellbeing Tools

  • Gain at least 5 new sources of income

Why Work with me

I believe every woman has the right to a balanced and beautiful business. Gone are the days when you have to hustle and scream at your employees, why not enjoy the delights of yoga and wellness in everyday life? 

If you want to create less stress and more beauty then I am your woman!

Other reasons to add to the pot: 

- I have over 10 years experience in the yoga & holistic world 

- Previously Led Wellbeing Programs in the UK and abroad 

- I have supported thousands of people on their journey to wellness

- Experienced Faculty member of Yoga Rhythm TT

- Trained as a Priestess Apprentice with Jocelyn Daher 

- I am an encouraging mentor who truly honours your gifts

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What other people say

be inspired - Learn Connection Coaching and support the deeper journey

I've added these here to inspire you. I remember delivering my yoga classes years ago and yearning to support people on a deeper level. I was an empath so could often sense and feel when someone was struggling. Obviously yoga helped but I wanted to create a space that could support a more in-depth journey. I created Connection Coaching that combined yoga, wellbeing practices, energy healing, deep listening & intuitive coaching. I would love to show you how to incorporate this gift within your business.

‘Olivia's great intuition and professionalism makes her a gifted therapist and healer. She is also very fun which makes sessions feel light and warm. I would call her a "life healing coach". I think this therapy is a life-changing process where I can see myself reaching places of self-awareness within myself I didn't know existed.’

Vera, London

'I had a course of Connection Coaching sessions with Olivia after dabbling in a number of online courses and one-to-one sessions, and hands down she has been the most intuitive, most empathic and most gifted. She's clearly committed to both her clients and to always learning and growing as a coach, as she has amassed a wide range of techniques and knowledge from which she tailors your sessions to exactly what you need. There was literally no topic I brought to the table that she could not guide me through, from working through deep-rooted beliefs to health to a total shift of career path. Most of all, she is very kind, and supportive, and she really hears you. Thank you Olivia.'

Bethany, Kent

'I met Olivia through yoga, from there she has been responsible for helping me heal my Ulcerative colitis and anxiety.

Her talent and skill is incredible. She is helping me release trauma, stress and gain self love and insight into my problems.

From sound therapy, astrology reading, energy healing and general life coaching, she is better than any counsellor I have ever been to. For once, instead of trying to cover up my flaws, Olivia is helping me understand them and let them go.

I’m so glad our paths met :-)'

Amelia, Northampton

'Her coaching sessions are very intuitive and I have learned so much about myself. Looking at birth charts I have conflicting energies between my sun and my moon signs, and exploring the needs that drive me has also revealed so much that I did not know before. This has helped me to understand myself better and why I am the way I am.  She has been encouraging and supportive. Having Olivia reflect back to me all the things I don't see myself, has fuelled my inspiration and given me confidence that I can smash out of the self imposed shackles. Olivia is insightful , and has shared some great ideas on how I can move forward with all the things I want to achieve. I really enjoy working with her and feel each session is a step forward to the life I want to create for myself. Sometimes if you don't have another coaching session to work towards, life can get in the way  and what you want to do, is put to one side. Whereas when you have someone like Olivia working with you, it forces you, in a good way,  to set time aside for yourself.'

Helen, Reading


To complete this journey how much will it cost?

Program Price: £3,888
One OFF Payment
6 Monthly Instalments
12 Monthly Instalments
Deposit: £300

Still Have Questions? 







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